Great people make great companies and We are Profoundly Proud of our Team. In fact, we consider ourselves as family. Our people are dedicated, determined, efficient, reliable, committed and honorable. We work together as one and love to have fun. Call us and see for yourself what IDEALPAK can do for you.

Our Commitment is Total


Charles Cai

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Cao

Chief Operating Officer

Komic Huang

Chief Financial Officer

Darren Yu

Chief Factory Officer

Stacey Hu

Vice President, Sales


Cherry Chen

Ambassador, The Americas

Jackie Kong

Ambassador, Europe & UK

Bella Yao

Ambassador, Asia

Simon Xue

Ambassador, South Pacific

Stella Liang

Ambassador, Africa & M East

Jiajia Li

Ambassador, China

Yoyo He

Ambassador, China

Sandy Yang

Administrative Assistant


Zhu Zhong

Manager, Injection Molding

WanQuo Huang

Manager, PET

Xiaojing Ma

Manager, PE

Tingliang Zhang

Manager, Custom Glass

Jicai He

Manager, Custom Plastic

Shijing He

Manager, Ship & Receive

Guohui Zhang

Manager, Packaging

Qingming Lu

Manager, QA & ISO

Bin Nie

Manager, Warehouse